New Hollow Tongues – “Things Haunt You” & “Unknown Jewel”

I really enjoy onetime Outsiders Blessure Grave: As mentioned when posting the gothy San Diego duo’s “Open Or Shut” video and “Stranger In The House,” Reyna and Toby Grave conjure death rock darkness with immediate (albeit understated) hooks, pretty vocal melodies, and excellent lyrics. Toby has another project with Edmund Xavier from Teenage Panzerkorps called Hollow Tongues: He handles deep bellowing voice and guitars; EX does the rhythm tracks. Xavier passed along a few tracks the other day — they’re unreleased, but will hopefully show up on a collection soon. Think spare, apocalyptic folk-inflected BG. (It’s sort of like Blackout Beach to Frog Eyes, or something.)

Hollow Tongues – “Things Haunt You” (MP3)
Hollow Tongues – “Unknown Jewel” (MP3)

You’ll hear more at MySpace. Also, if you haven’t, definitely download Blessure Grave’s goth, post-punk, and darkwave mixtape at Actual Pain. I listen to that thing all the time.