Flying Lotus Disses Beach House

Flying Lotus and Beach House both make supremely chill, critically acclaimed music. Both have probably soundtracked a whole lot of drug experiences. Also, FlyLo once remixed Gucci Mane, and Beach House once covered Gucci. But that doesn’t mean they’re best friends.

As Pitchfork points out, FlyLo had some mildly critical words for Beach House’s new album Bloom on his Twitter today: “this new beach house record is coo. just makes me wonder how so many bands are totally fine with sounding exactly like another band… doesn’t mean its bad… feels like i heard this album before a million times already. its just TOO familiar sounding, i duno. now time to buy the killer mike lp.” He later added: “Dang. I wish people would make more of a fuss about the records I say I love instead of things I’m not excited about.”

He’s right to be amped about that Killer Mike, anyway.