Liars – “No.1 Against The Rush (Vince Clarke Remix)”

If synthpop royalty is a thing that exists, Vince Clarke is it, straight up. Clarke is a founding member of Depeche Mode (before they turned gothy), Yaz, and Erasure, and if you’re making a move toward keyboards on your new album, he’s probably the guy you want remixing it. Liars, who already had the Mute Records hookup, seem to have that idea, anyway. They’ve recruited Clarke to rework their new “No. 1 Against The Rush” into a seven-minute bleepfest, and we’ve got the result below.

The “No. 1 Against The Rush” 12″ single is out 5/28 on Mute, and it’ll also feature a Matmos remix. Their album WIXIW, meanwhile, is out 6/5.