Processed Beats

Cara gave us the best engagement present ever, so today she gets to recommend a band to you.

Cara: Scott — you should tell everyone you know that they need to go see Kasabian the next time they come back to NYC. They were spectacular.
Stereogum: You wrote last night … did you write that from your blackberry?
Cara: Yes
Cara: Right after the show
Cara: I couldn’t help myself
Stereogum: They were that good?
Cara: Yes. I was shocked.
Cara: My favorite show of the year.
Cara: Definitely.
Cara: Music was great and high energy. Excellent stage presence.
Stereogum: I like Gwen Stefani’s album. Do they sound like Gwen Stefani?
Cara: No
Cara: You should recommend them anyway, though

Stream Kasabian’s album here.

Also, here’s a mashup: Team 9 – Emotional Treason (Kasabian VS Whitney Houston)