Kindness @ (Le) Poisson Rouge, NYC 5/17/12

Adam Bainbridge and his cadre of soulful post-disco/house/dance revelers turned up on these shores this week, and the Village’s (Le) Poisson Rouge door last night, for their first-ever show in NYC. This wasn’t their first American show, mind — there was that series of gigs in Austin earlier this year during which Kindness introduced his cheeky brand of deadpan charisma, his glowing background singers, his long legs and painted-on pants and reflectively shiny shoes. It was Kindness’s first show on these shores with a full-length officially out and so a crowd fully versed in World, You Need A Chage Of Mind’s substantial and hearty charms, though, so that bubbling swagger Bainbridge brought to SXSW was a bit more vintage when popped at LPR last night. (Well, maybe more poured than popped, per se: Last night was the first time I saw a singer sidle and dance while slugging from a carafe of wine, which is an entirely new league of luxe-pop frontman power move.) The band made good on all those aforementioned “post-” genre tags: teasing Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” (soulful), “Cyan” (disco), and “House” (house), and Bainbridge was loosened up enough to work (and dance in) the crowd (he also covered Jai Paul’s “Jasmine“). There was a huge mound of mysterious white powder spilled near the front of stage (Bainbridge: “What IS that?!”), and there were house lights behind him spelling out “Cyan,” which is to say: Kindness got the Greenwich Village circa 2012 red carpet welcome. Check out the photos above by Ryan “Cyan” Muir.

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