New Eels – “In My Younger Days” (Stereogum Premiere)

This new Eels song, from the forthcoming self-produced End Times (the one with the downcast Adrian Tomine-drawn cover) made me think about Electro-Shock Blues for the first time in ages. It has a stripped down, raw feeling to it (both musically and emotionally) that you’d find on the 1998 collection’s best, most intimate moments. The new collection focuses on divorce and aging. Electro looked at the suicide of his sister, his mother’s terminal lung cancer, and the surreal feeling that he was about to be the last living member of his family (his father died earlier, when he was 19). When someone can distill these sorts of emotions into a song it can be devastating — even if the style or aesthetic isn’t your cup of tea. You’ve already heard the sad, beautiful “Little Bird.” Here’s “In My Younger Days,” a track that looks backward and forward and tries to come to conclusions about the space in between. You know, nervously dodging bullets vs happily taking a walk.

End Times is out 1/19 via Vagrant.

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