Best Coast, JEFF The Brotherhood, Abe Vigoda @ The Wiltern, Los Angeles 5/18/12

If you happen to be Best Coast, then the only place to launch your tour would be in Los Angeles at the Wiltern Theater. Throngs of adoring fans cheered throughout her 24-song set that included some guest spots by Jon Brion, who produced her latest album. Openers, JEFF The Brotherhood ripped through their set with fuzz-drenched guitars and rollicking drum fills. Local favorites Abe Vigoda also provided support. Check out the pictures above and the setlist below.

01 “Honey”
02 “The Only Place”
03 “Angsty”
04 “Last Year”
05 “Summer Mood”
06 “Goodbye”
07 “Crazy For You”
08 “My Life”
09 “Better Girl”
10 “When The Sun Don’t Shine”
11 “No One Like You”
12 “How They Want Me To Be”
13 “Why I Cry”
14 “Mean Girls”
15 “Dreaming My Life Away”
16 “Let’s Go Home”
17 “Our Deal”
18 “Do You Love Me Like You Used To”
19 “Up All Night”
20 “I Want To”
21 “Sun Was High (So Was I)”
22 “Storms (Fleetwood Mac Cover)”
23 “When I’m With You”
24 “Boyfriend”