New Aimee Mann Video – “31 Today”

When we ran Aimee Mann’s video for “Freeway,” we mentioned she was to be admired for not hitting the “hammy guy and girl” as they did various dances and etc., behind her while she tried to perform the song. In the Bobcat Goldthwait-directed (!) video for aforementioned Magnolia-core anthem “31 Today” there’s a similar setup and Mann shows even more restraint. So far she’s leaving the outbursts of profanity to the title of her new album, @#%&! Smilers. Also, that’s not Frank Zappa with her in the picture. It’s Morgan Murphy, a comedian friend of Mann’s. She played the Hanukkah Fairy at the Christmas Shows. Here she throws Aimee a very special birthday party.

Kind of looks like they’re performing in front of Joseph Arthur’s “She Paints Me Gold” mural.

@#%&! Smilers is out 6/3 on her own SuperEgo label.

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