Apes & Androids’ “Golden Prize” Video Unveiled Months After Breakup, And Charlie Day’s Offer For A Reunion

We’ve gone on and on and on about how great Apes & Androids’ live show is. Well, was. Past tense, because sadly, Apes & Androids are no more. In talking about last year’s greatest concerts, I said: “Live A&A are something like of Montreal by way of Spinal Tap (cue back-to-back harmonizing guitar solos, synchronized fist pumps, perfect and bombastic backing vocals, etc.). Overblown and under-dressed, Ziggy Stardusted rock stars wielding a computer-enabled strain of over-the-top theatrical rock, Queen and Bowie alongside — and sometimes filtered through — futuristic booty beats. Each show’s a little different — masked and bodysuited dancers rushing out at one show, taiko drumlines at the next. They’ve carefully constructed a meta-aesthetic that perfectly and improbably juggles performance art, mystique, and satire.” To those points comes the band’s one and only video, for “Golden Prize,” directed by Seattle duo That Go (Noel Paul & Stefan Moore). We were set to premiere it back in May until A&A went RIP. It is booty beats, it is performance art, it is satire, it is by far the most bizarre and eye-popping thing you’ll see today. I’m sad this finally released after Gummy voting ended, and I’m much more sad that they’ve broken up before bringing their show to spaces outside of NYC.

So let’s get them to reunite!

To that end I had my friend Jen put us in touch with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Charlie Day, who happens to be quite the fan — in this interview he tells A&A’s Brian and David they’re his favorite band; in this one they start hedging ominously when Sunny’s Glenn Howerton tells them to go on tour. So…The Charlie Day Promise, should Apes & Androids reconvene?

“I would get the Electric Dream Machine back together and cut an album with them.”

Perfect. Because Electric Dream Machine actually dress like they’re in A&A already, perfect because “Day Man” would sound great with Apes fleshing it out, and perfect because “Golden Prize” is all about girls who are “like a machine of a dream.” And the video is all about being bananas in yr brain:

Some MP3s from the band’s sadly overlooked debut LP Blood Moon:

Apes & Androids – “Golden Prize” (MP3)
Apes & Androids – “Nights Of The Week” (MP3)
Apes & Androids – “Hot Kathy” (MP3)

Blood Moon is available via apesandandroids.com. Right now Brian Jacobs is doing things like producing Cale Parks’ recent EP, David Tobias is working on solo material, other members of A&A are in the band Sigmund Droid (who did the theme song for Gabe & Max’s 100 Seconds) … but we can look forward to an Electric Dream Machine/Apes & Androids album one day. Maybe!