New Eluvium – “The Motion Makes Me Last”

Portland’s ambient dramatist Matthew Cooper aka Eluvium has gradually refined and expanded his palette over four albums, his meditative pieces pivoting on fixed loops, pianos, guitars, sometimes in combination but often alone. By 2007’s excellent Copia, Cooper’s pieces were laced with strings and brass, leaving vocals and percussion — most other artist’s base points — as the only devices he’d yet to incorporate. So that’s what we have Similies for. Eluvium’s forthcoming fifth full-length LP is preceded by the elegant “The Motion Makes Me Last,” in which a spacious piano figure and tiny, insistent tapping underline Matthew’s newly revealed, quavering baritone — “a vessel between two places I’ve never been” — awash in the looped drone of hypnotic, buzzing sympathetic strings. Post-holiday weeks are always oddly transitional; close your eyes and bliss out to this one, you’ll feel better. Promise.

Eluvium – “The Motion Makes Me Last” (MP3)
(via P4K)

Similies is out 2/23 via Temporary Residence.

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