New Lightspeed Champion Video – “Marlene”

Last seen getting his balloon-heart popped in the video for Basement Jaxx’s “My Turn,” Devonte Hynes offers up a clip under his own alias as a psychedelic appetizer from his forthcoming Domino LP Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You. The ex-Test Icicle seems to be on some high-grade peyote throughout “Marlene,” which is like “Ambling Alp” in that there’s sand and some straight up vision-questing weirdness. Sonically it’s in line with the shift from country-folker we previewed when the Champ opened at that unforgettable Phoenix show, more about locked-in ’70s guitar crunch and strings laced in like ’60s-styled symphonic pop. Or according to Dev, “Marlene” is “a compass amidst a ‘Chancellors Nightmare,’ foretold through the soap of modern ages.”

The “Marlene” 10″ is out 1/25 and features a cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s “69 Année Érotique.” Lightspeed Champion’s sophomore LP Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You is out 2/1 via Domino.