44 More Highly Anticipated Albums Of 2010

Late last month we gave you our 25 Most Anticipated Albums of 2010 and promptly realized we were anticipating more than 25 albums in 2010. A lot more! So we put out some feelers and took some tips and added 44 records to the previous list. Now we are up to lucky 69. The additional artists range from Arcade Fire to Xiu Xiu and include everything from Fleet Foxes, Cat Power, the Strokes, Sleigh Bells, and Pig Destroyer in between. Other albums seem likely but we haven’t the info (think: Battles, Broken Social Scene, etc.). If you’ve got word, use the comments and let ‘em know. As the 2009 Gummy Awards suggested, these past twelve months were good for good music. As our continually expanding wish list suggests: 2010 might not be so shabby either. Take a look.