New Cloud Nothings – “Can’t Stay Awake”

When we posted Cloud Nothing’s gently snotty lo-fi anthem “Hey Cool Kid” I should’ve mentioned Lync, who I often hear in bands like No Age, Japandroids, to a lesser degree Wavves, etc. It’s harder to discern in that one. Things are clarified in “Can’t Stay Awake,” a great song from the Cleveland, Ohian’s eight-song debut Turning On. (While listening, keep in mind I’m talking a twee take on ’90s Olympians’ sound. Remove that post-punk/hardcore edge and replace it with a more pop punk sensibility.) The collection’s out in an edition of 50 CDs and 100 cassettes, which I imagine will go pretty fast. 2010 should be big for this guy — especially if his hooks keep hitting like these.

Cloud Nothings – “Can’t Stay Awake” (MP3)

Turning On is out via Bridgetown. Cloud Nothings plays his first show ever tonight (12/4) at Market Hotel, Brooklyn with Woods and Real Estate.