Phoenix Play La Blogothèque, P.C. Richard & Son Theater

How could Phoenix’s 2009 get any better than it was before this week? A first-ever Grammy nomination is how. A head nod from an increasingly irrelevant institution, maybe, but it’s nice to see NARAS memorialize the months-long moment these Frenchmen have been having since “1901” first blew up yr internet. The band’s tirelessly held up its end of the bargain, doing every talk show and then some, lapping through NYC so many times to ever-bigger crowds. While they’re no doubt counting the days to a chillaxing holiday in Versailles, last night Phoenix whipped through a crack seven-song set for Clear Channel/iHeartRadio contest winners at Tribeca’s P.C. Richard & Son Theater like they did all summer (and fall, and winter) long. Aside from “Long Distance Call” and the now familiar “cover” of Air’s “Playground Love” (a Thomas-sung Virgin Suicides tune with a video directed by his future baby momma Sofia Coppola and her bro Roman), we got five highlights from Wolfgang. Though they’re all highlights, aren’t they. Here are a bunch of photos from the set, along with video from Vincent Moon’s Takeaway Show at the Eiffel Tower. It’s very French!

UPDATE: Here’s iheartradio’s video of “1901” from the P.C. Richard gig.

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