Rainbow Arabia Remix The Field (Stereogum Premiere)

When it comes to understanding techno-philic artists like the Field aka Axel Willner, process is, if not paramount, a fascinating and at least illuminating entry point. Are we listening to de novo digital sounds laboriously created by hand, live performance/pre-existing samples, or in the Field’s case, microsamples? On his debut album, 2007’s From Here We Go Sublime Axel often pulled apart his sampled songs’ DNA, stripping their genetic structures to component, indivisible sub-atomic particles and then launching those into repetitive trance cycles that crested so that the album title was not just an album title but also a perfect Twitter review. On this year’s followup Yesterday & Today, Wilner stuck to that formula on three songs (including the Cocteau Twins-sampling bar-raiser “The More That I Do“) — the “yesterday” — and expanded it for the other three for “today,” even inviting some live drums via sweaty business-casual beatfreak John Stanier of Battles on the title track. All of which is to say, hearing remixes of tranced-out minimal techno is interesting because they’re fundamentally fucking with the process of inherently process-driven musics.

The Field’s releasing just such a three-track process-fucker in the Yesterday & Today Remixe 12″, out today via his label/home to minimal-techno champs Kompakt and featuring takes on his tunes by Gold Panda, Walls (a duo featuring Same Willis of Allez Allez and Alessio Natalizia of Banjo or Freakout), and this take on the album closing 15-minute track “Sequenced” by L.A. couple Danny and Tiffany Preston, aka Rainbow Arabia. The original’s motorik backbone is sped-up, then dressed in the sort of rainbow Arabian vocals you know from the Preston’s past efforts. MP3 here:

The Field – “Sequenced (Rainbow Arabia’s Dark & Dumb Version)” (MP3)

The full tracklist:
A: The Field – “Sequenced (Rainbow Arabia’s Dark & Dumb Version)”
B1: The Field – “I Have The Moon, You Have The Internet (Gold Panda Remix)”
B2: The Field – “Leave It (Walls Remix)”

The Yesterday & Today Remixe 12″ is out today (12/7) via Kompakt.