New Banjo Or Freakout Video – “Left It Alone”

This morning we took a look at how the Field constructs his techno-trance gems and mentioned he’d been remixed by Walls, a duo featuring Same Willis of Allez Allez and Alessio Natalizia of Banjo or Freakout. Process is key to Alessio’s work as well, a bedroom artist who creates intimately shoegazing dream pop by sampling his CD collection and topping the tracks with sweetly rendered vocals. “Left It Alone” is the pretty, meditative A-side to a 7″ out now on Half Machine records, and in this Alexander Brown-directed video you see the world through Banjo’s eyes, focusing (and un-focusing) on commonplace views — subway rides, car rides, bodies of water, raindrops on the bedroom window, soaping down stovetops. The kitchen sink, both figuratively and otherwise. “I’ve been here before”‘s the operative phrase, chances are you have been, too.

Banjo Or Freakout – “Left It Alone” (MP3)

The “Left It Alone” 7″ b/w “Breathe Out” is out on transparent vinyl and digitally via Half Machine. Here’s the b-side:

Banjo Or Freakout – “Breathe Out” (MP3)

The label’s also offering a free download of Becoming Real’s “Left It Alone” remix, since you like free things. Hear more at MySpace.