New Smashing Pumpkins – “A Song For A Son”

Having premiered live at last year’s Bridge School Benefit, “A Song For A Son” in studio form debuts today on Spinner. Billy Corgan tells the site, “I think it’s got something to do about not having any kids and thinking about why I don’t have any kids.” It’s the first we’ve heard from the mercurial Pumpkin head’s forthcoming 44-track Teargarden By Kaleidyscope. Jessica Simpson gives it three thumbs up.

UPDATE: The free MP3 is now available…

The Smashing Pumpkins – “A Song For A Son” (MP3)

It’s the first track of the first of 11 limited-edition CD EPs, though all 44 songs will also be free “no strings attached.” Tracklist:
1 “A Song for a Son”
2 “Astral Planes”
3 “A Stitch in Time”
4 “Widow Wake My Mind”

Billy will tour behind Teargarden in the spring.