Daft Punk Recording With Giorgio Moroder

Daft Punk have supposedly been working on a new album for about the past thousand years, so any indication that they’re actually making progress on it is welcome indeed. And this news is cool and deeply promising: Giorgio Moroder, the Italian synth-disco master, has been recording with the duo. Given that Moroder productions like Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” basically made Daft Punk possible, it’s cool that they’re giving the pioneer his due.

Moroder broke the news while speaking at Ibiza’s International Music Summit recently, as Urb reports. Moroder claims that he went into the studio with Daft Punk and recorded a “rap.” Which, um, yikes. Apparently, they asked him to simply speak about his life, which could actually be really cool. The man has had quite a life.

Moroder is actually the second disco icon to claim that he’s worked with Daft Punk in recent months. Chic mastermind Nile Rodgers made the same claim. It’s hard to say if we’ll ever get to hear these collaborations, but, I mean, I hope so.