Lil Wayne – “Ghoulish”

Last week, Clipse figurehead Pusha T issued “Exodus 23:1,” a track which heavily references Biggie’s “What’s Beef” and targets — though not by name — Drake. His label boss Lil Wayne responded, first on Twitter and then with “Ghoulish,” a 90-second long freestyle. “You softer than a motherfucking nerf ball / Bird call / Purr, what happened to that boy? / He was talkin’ shit, we put a clappin’ to that boy” closes Wayne. Hear it below.

(via RapFix)

Drake got in the act, too, which is ironic because his recent Respect cover is emblazoned with the anti-beef quote “I just make my music and go about my business.” Meanwhile, Pusha’s Clipse partner/brother No Malice (formerly Malice) is getting outrapped by Lecrae.