d’Eon – “Transparency Pt. II” & “Now You Do”

The talented MTL electronic music composer d’Eon recently told Cole all about his forthcoming debut full-length LP and his jealousy of Pictureplane’s sensual prowess in an enjoyably thorough Progress Report, and today you can hear bits of it for yourself. (Bits of the LP that is, not of Pictureplane’s libido.) The seven-minute “Now You Do” is a righteous jam that exists in the computerized-come-on zone, with a new-media R&B pulse, a bridge of jackhammer bass lush as silk, and soulful, reedy vocals that feel just as smooth. Hear that one at SPIN, it’s great. “Transparency Pt. II” is an MP3 download below, framing d’Eon’s voice even more while nodding at the “ooh girl”-end of R&B (but for the latter-half, which is nodding at the “fast-forwarding through a CD” end of R&B). Download:

d’Eon – “Transparency Pt. II”
(via GvsB)

LP is out 6/5 via Hippos In Tanks.

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