POP ETC Do Yours Truly Again, For The First Time

The primary reason the morning benders dropped that name had to do with its unintentionally homophobic connotation in certain parts of the world, though the moniker flip also coincides with a marked shift in sound, if not conceit. Whatever it is the newly minted POP ETC stands in contrast to stylistically, whatever public memory there is of the quintessential morning benders “sound” or vibe was memorialized — if not conceived, in some people’s eyes — in this Yours Truly interview/performance piece of “Excuses” from early 2010. It was the rare video that got to the heart of an artist and had that special something, a heart of its own, that made it formative and informative, great and lasting. And so it’s especially notable, and symbolic, that the morning benders have returned to Yours Truly now, at a time when they are reshaping their aesthetic and the addressing the perception of it. Primary POP man Chris Chu explains their situation eloquently, followed by a take on the fittingly titled “Keep It For Your Own.” Watch: