New That Ghost Video – “The Red Bow”

Nineteen-year-old Santa Rosa songwriter Ryan Schmale’s solo low-fidelity jams under the That Ghost moniker have preceded the recent wavves of like-minded Cali dudes by a few minutes, most recently heard on the “Never Have Fun” b/w “Your Backs” 7″, earlier on the two-tempo Pollard-tipping “Shouldn’t Leave The Estate” which dropped from his seven-song set Get It And Get Out. That tour-only CD-R also gave us the rusty, crusted garage jam “The Red Bow,” and the Jeff Thrope, Daniel Arnold, and Hanly Banks-directed video follows Earthwalker — a dude who seems as sweetly grizzled as “The Red Bow” sounds — on an afternoon at Brooklyn’s Breezy Point, letting go to the lyrics, kicking up sand, swallowing sand, throwing up sand. As in, sand vomit. That’s gross that’s gross that’s gross.

That Ghost Video – “The Red Bow” (MP3)

Get It And Get Out is available digitally via twosyllable.

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