New Hercules & Love Affair Video – “You Belong”

Following up on Serge Santiago’s super remix for “Blind,” today brings another excuse to keep our Hercules love affair rolling with the video for the Chicago-styled house jam “You Belong.” The clip, like the song, prominently featuring the beautiful Nomi (whose transsexual charms famously fooled a couple few commenters a little bit ago) and like the show at Studio B, does not feature Antony. There are background dancers because as Andy said, it’s the album’s most straightforward dance track. You’ll spot him in there (as pictured): in monk and playing with futuristic hand toys while Kim Ann works on some underground cocktails in a place that’s somewhere between C&C Music Factory meets San Dimas in 2688 A.D.

Hercules & Love Affair is out via DFA/EMI. Grab their “Theme” right here.