Stereogum & Cameo Gallery Present A Northside Showcase Starring Twin Sister, Physical Therapy, Guards

Later this month, L Magazine returns with its ever-strengthening North Williamsburg-based Northside Festival. And for the first time, Stereogum will represent with a showcase. Congratulations to all of us! We did it. Our party will be on a Saturday night because that is a good party night, and it will be headlined by Twin Sister, because that is a good party band. (In direct support are the euphoric electronics of Physical Therapy, the Cults spin-off Guards, and Brooklyn’s Caged Animals and Phonetag. If you’re wondering where you’ve heard of those artists, click those links.) The event will be in the Cameo Gallery at 93 N. 6th St., home of Max Silvestri and Gabe Liedman’s big and terrific Big Terrific comedy show, which means it is a both sacred and intimate space for a gathering which we will dutifully mark up and blast out. Set your calendar for June 16th and dial your iPhone clocks to these coordinates:

12AM – Physical Therapy
11PM – Twin Sister
10PM – Guards
9PM – Caged Animals
8PM – Blonds
7PM – Phonetag

6:30PM Doors

Admission is free with a Northside badge! Otherwise, tickets cost $20 and are available at Ticketfly right now. The show is strictly 21+ if you don’t have a good fake ID. Come enjoy life. And let us know on Facebook if you can make it! See you then!