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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Last week, we skipped this list so that we could run our list of the 25 best videos of the year thus far. So I’ll just take a moment to point out that last week’s list, if we’d done it, definitely would’ve included SoKo’s “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow and” Blood Orange’s “I’m Sorry We Lied.” Those videos rule. And here are this week’s picks.

5. Nas – “Daughters” (Dir. Chris Robinson)

Nas is in full-on clueless dad mode on this song: “The social network called.” But then again, it’s a song specifically about clueless-dad blues, and so the video kind of has to be a bit maudlin. And it’s done with grace and art, a girl’s-eye-view of all the dumbshit-dad things that Nas knows he’s done over the years. And you’d think his actual daughter would be way too embarrassed to acknowledge that this song exists, but no, that’s her at the end.

4. The Very Best – “Kondaine” (Feat. Seye) (Dir. Village Beat)

It’s impossible to include the term “witch doctor” in a video without raising eyebrows. But this one keeps things light and fun while still paying sincere tribute to Kenyan tribal traditions, going so far as to contribute a bit of actual information at the end. And I love the idea of the members of the Very Best cluelessly careening around the countryside, trying out life-changing experiences just because they look fun.

3. El-P – “The Full Retard” (Dir. Timothy Saccenti) (NSFW)

Probably the best rapper-teams-up-with-demented-puppet-on-crime-spree video you’ll see today. And El’s face when the squirrel shoots the little kid is a funny, funny thing indeed, even if you’re the type who doesn’t generally laugh at little kids getting shot.

2. Jay-Z & Kanye West – “No Church In The Wild” (Dir. Romain Gavras)

I have no idea why anyone thought that it would be worth the endless piles of money that it almost certainly cost to make this. And the story-free imagery is about as meaningless as it could possibly be, unless the elephant who shows up at the end means that it’s blunt-edge political satire of some kind, which is even worse. But holy shit if Romain Gavras doesn’t know how to film a whole lot of chaos and make it look insanely, unutterably cool.

1. M83 – “Reunion” (Dir. Fleur & Manu)

There’s a lot I don’t get here. Like: How did these little kids get their powers in the first place. Or: Why does that girl turn into a beam of light and then immediately die? If you and your friends are on the run from the government, this does not seem like an especially wise thing to do. If necessary, though, I would probably watch an entire two-hour movie that answered these questions. And its sequels. And then those sequels’ reboots.