Violens Drop New Tunes, MBV/Byrds Mashup On New Mix

Violens is a band with great taste. That, and it’s not often a pop group can include Ulver and Burzum in their list of influences and find a way to back it up sonically. Outside the metal, their frozen blend of Durutti Column’s spacious post-punk chills, Prefab Sprout’s new wave atmospherics, Lilys-esque shoegaze-pop, and ’60s psychedelia goes down very easy. I bring this up because after touring Europe and between, the New York quintet’s put together a 14-song Winter Mixtape that hints at the map of their music collections. It opens with “Full Collision,” a noisy and then Smiths-y song from their forthcoming full-length debut due in mid-2010, then starts literally mixing things around. “I See You Only Shallow,” for instance, is Violens singing MBV lyrics over the Byrds. (And it actually works.) “Could You Stand to Know Abysmal Depths?” has the group making like Wind’s Poem, affixing sweet pop hooks to West Coast USBM staple Xasthur’s “Abysmal Depths Are Flooded.” Outside of these “mashups,” there are Wire and Saint Etienne covers, guest spots from White Lies and previous collaborators Charlift, and remixes by RAC, Lansing-Dreiden, and MGMT. (You’ll recognize MGMT’s, because you’ve already heard it.) Take a listen to the first two tracks and then download the entire thing as one continuous MP3.

“Full Collision”

“I See You Only Shallow”

Before you dive-in, the mixtape’s tracklist:

01 “Full Collision” (from forthcoming debut LP)
02 “I See You”/”Only Shallow” (My Bloody Valentine sung by Violens over The Byrds)
03 “Lighting Lightning” (from forthcoming debut LP)
04 “Could You Stand to Know?”/”Abysmal Depths Are Flooded” (Violens/Xasthur)
05 “Could You Stand to Know?” (from forthcoming debut LP)
06 “Outdoor Miner” (Wire Feat. Jorge Elbrecht of Violens)
07 “Lighting Lightning” (demo version)
08 “Trance-like Turn” (from forthcoming debut LP)
09 “Spectator & Pupil” (RAC remix)
10 “Warm Collision” (Feat. Caroline Polachek of Chairlift)
11 “Doomed” (MGMT remixes Violens)
12 “Violent Sensation Descends” (Lansing-Dreiden remixes Violens)
13 “Unfinished Business” (Violens remix White Lies)
14 “Avenue” (Violens cover Saint Etienne)

If you’re keeping track, that’s four new songs from the forthcoming LP. Download here: