Stream SALEM & Tanlines’ FADER 7″

FADER’s going big this month: the lifestyle brand mag’s annual NOW issue is guest-edited by Animal Collective and features a trio of promising interviews: Noah Lennox (dreamboat!) chatting with Black Dice’s Eric Copeland, Geologist talking with the State, and Aziz Ansari talking to all three. Which Aziz is probably pretty psyched about. Alongside that comes FADER’s 11th 7″ team-up with Southern Comfort, for which the magazine’s alt.liquor of choice underwrote the commissioning of new tracks from Brooklyn duo Tanlines and narcotic Chicago/Michigan/New York crew SALEM. Tanlines’ “S.A.W.” is their first with full-on verse vocals and a bright and bouncy jam a few degrees warmer and more tropical than a Muscles cut, SALEM’s “Babydaddy” is all shadows and chillouts, so a nicely balanced pairing. Listen:

Tanlines – “S.A.W.” (MP3)

SALEM – “Babydaddy”

There’s a limited-pressing of 500 vinyls for this installment of the FADER/Southern Comfort 7-Inch — if you want one, head over there and post a comment and you’ll be in the running for a giveaway freebie.

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