Morrissey To George Lopez: “Don’t Make Fun Of Daddy’s Voice”

After recent on-stage ups and downs, Morrissey turned to a longtime flanged-out live staple and You Are the Quarry B-Side when he performed on The George Lopez Show last night. As Moz gets older, his voice cracks more often, and punks start throwing bottles at his head, “Don’t Make Fun Of Daddy’s Voice” takes on new tones/the beckoning finger of fate. Wondering why he opted to perform the oldie? It appears on the new Swords compilation. Bonus? The final repetition of “No te divertes con pappy” goes well with Lopez’s focus on differentiating himself from the current mostly white Late Night landscape. Morrissey’s final shout of “olé!” suggests he got in the spirit, too.

Swords is out via Polydor.