New Dinowalrus Video – “BEAD”

The name might be tough getting past initially, but Brooklyn “drum n’ drone” trio Dinowalrus are a satisfyingly oddball group: Their mix of No Wave jaggedness (both No New York-era and Black Dice circa 2001), jazz skronk, outer-realm brain rattling and soul soothing, Comets On Fire psychedelia, and Downtown art-rock isn’t the twee-pop you might expect. The fact that this trippy Matthew Caron-directed rooftop NYC clip for the Kyle Warren-fronted “BEAD” reminds me of Excepter is also more than fitting. (You won’t find many aesthetic overlaps, but co-vocalist/guitarist Pete Feigenbaum plays guitar in Titus Andronicus.) Dinowalrus’ full-length debut % is out the end of next month. So get acquainted. Complete with clarinet solo.


Dinowalrus – “BEAD” (MP3)

% is out 1/26 via Kanine.

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