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Band To Watch: Family Band

Those tuned into NYC’s downtown thrash scene may know Jonny Ollsin from his time on guitar and vocals with breakneck metallers Children, but it’s this familial project with vocalist/wife Kim Krans that’s become the couple’s primary focus on the heels of completing a chilly and beautiful debut album. A friend passed along a link to the Miller Park LP — which, incidentally, is the full extent of the outreach machine in place, friends trading links — and it comes at just the right time as thermometers dip and ears need a reset after the summer’s fixation on beachy sun-stroked sounds. They’ve branded the music “heavy mellow,” which is fair shorthand for the Family’s fixation on folk-flecked tunes fronted by Kim’s even-keeled ice queen vocalisms and wound into place by Jonny’s dialed-down but inevitably metal-edged guitar lines. Married since 2006, Ollsin and Krans built a cabin the Catskills and recorded these songs there; airy and eerie, spacious and windswept, these tracks couldn’t have been built elsewhere. We have two sides of the Family for you to sample: the deliberate, darkened moans of scene-setting album-opener “Hatred,” and the pensive, exceedingly pretty finger-picked mountain folk of “Fantasy.”

Family Band – “Fantasy” (MP3)
Family Band – “Hatred” (MP3)

Family Band’s self-released Miller Park is due soon. In the meantime you can hear their debut EP here, and if you send them your mailing address they’ll send you a copy (“it is rad and handmade to the bone”). Keep up with the fam at their site and blog.