New Fredrik Video – “Vinterbarn” (Stereogum Premiere)

Anytime we’ve mentioned Swedish BTW Fredrik the word “wintry”‘s been affixed, so, ’tis the season. Fully self-aware, the band’s releasing a video for “Vinterbarn,” from their forthcoming sophomore full-length Trilogi. It’s a chilly bit of developmental psychology via gusty Swedish baroque pop: in their mother tongue, vinterbarn means people born in the months of October to February (vinter means winter, barn means children). “They usually develop clashing personalities in child groups due to age difference,” we’re told, and the lyric holds that up: “the harder the snow the harder they grow,” a somewhat spooky, seasonally appropriate twist on Jimmy Cliff, set in a video with bleak stop-motion and a little surreality.

Fredrik – “Vinterbarn” (MP3)

is out 1/26 via The Kora. Also try “Locked In The Basement.”

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