CrimSane (Feat. Damian Abraham) – “ChinaFastGrow” (Demo)

Fucked Up are taking a quick break at the moment, and the band’s members are working on their own projects, like guitarist Ben Cook’s Young Guv And The Scuzz. Frontman Damian Abraham, meanwhile, has his own thing going: A “kushcore” band called CrimSane, which also features Matt Delong of No Warning and Violent Minds. And if Fucked Up’s 2011 album David Comes To Life was the glossiest thing they’ve ever done, the demo of CrimSane’s song “ChinaFastGrow” is the opposite extreme: A lurching, fuzzed-out, discordant scream-trudge. Grab it below.

Crimsane – “ChinaFastGrow”

No word on a CrimSane album or EP or anything. Damian’s wife is having another kid any day now, so I don’t imagine he’ll have a whole lot of energy to spare anytime soon. (And actually, now that I mention it, my wife is too. So if my byline disappears from Stereogum for a little while, that’s what’s happening.)