Matt Berninger Talks National Google Ad

You might have seen the National’s Google Ad, “Out of Office,” which tells a “Search Story” of some guy heading from Washington State to Los Angeles to watch the band while listening obsessively to “Apartment Story.” The idea here is that every Google search is a story (some best kept private). Basically, it’s an ad for the National, unless you didn’t know how to use Google previously. With that in mind we were curious about how the spot — one of the best licensing deals you can score — came about. We dropped Matt Berninger a line.

I don’t remember the specific connection but somebody high up there is a fan. I think Sergey Brin. They showed us a rough idea a few months ago. It was as much a commercial for us as for Goggle so we were happy to help. Originally the ad ended with a Youtube clip of me climbing into the seats screaming in people’s faces, but Google got cold feet about encouraging illegal filming of concerts. I think they are web only but I’m not sure. I wonder If we’re censored in China?

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the spot:

No offense to the guy at the end, but they probably would’ve been better going with the original idea. In other Google news, Dan Deacon’s into Chrome: