7. Democrazy (2003): Initially released by Honest Jon’s in late 2003 on two slabs of 10-inch vinyl and limited to 5,000 copies, Democrazy was never intended to be anything more than a service to fans. But even in that regard, it fell short: Those fans who did manage to score a copy were rewarded with 14 meandering song sketches (14! Split into FOUR SIDES!), recorded in hotel rooms while on tour with Blur, that were neither illuminating nor engaging. Albarn’s lovely voice shines in lower-fidelity settings, and aloofness is essential to his character, but Democrazy took those qualities to ridiculous and unlistenable extremes. Even today, the album betrays Albarn loyalists: You can Buy It Now on eBay for as little as $38 — probably about what it cost to obtain the thing in 2003. Not a bad return, but if the album were any god, Blur fans would be able to leverage it for Hyde Park tickets.

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