Sample Broken Bells, James Mercer & Danger Mouse’s New Project

At the end of September we told you Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) and James Mercer (aka that guy from the Shins) were working on a new project, tentatively titled Broken Bells. A Sony/Columbia newsletter went out earlier today with a bunch 0s and 1s and a link to There was nothing there except a newsletter sign-up and some fancy animations. That said, because we’re amateur detectives, we also noticed these ads running on some music sites, including ours. But as bloggers we do not handle ad sales, so they were a mystery until now. If you clicked on one, they took you to, a site featuring the same aesthetic as along with that aforementioned and spotlighted silhouette of Mercer and Burton. That, and ebbelkslorn is an anagram of brokenbells. Now, if you hit and refresh a bunch of times you’ll get to hear some snippets from the album. None with James’s voice, but it’s always satisfying to solve a mystery (or, an ad campaign). Plus, we read somewhere this album was highly anticipated. Anyhow, yes, it seems like they are indeed going with the name Broken Bells.