The Walkmen @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC 6/6/12

“This feels like a hometown show.” Only two of five Walkmen call Brooklyn home, but it was “nice to be back at our old stomping grounds” for the band last night. In return, Bowery hosted a sold-out celebration for new millennial indie’s most admirably reliant band and their outstanding new record Heaven — no small feat for a band seven records deep. Each of their original LPs was repped over the course of the 25-song setlist, and during intermission (because there was an intermission), the talk at the bar was about how the Walkmen are the sort of band where any of a number of songs from each record could feasibly be a personal favorite. Except for Bows + Arrows, because “The Rat,” which naturally ruled last night.

The whole show did, though, Ham and band cycling through their tender and lush, drifting and pointed modes. The Walkmen radiate a seasoned confidence, a swagger and warmth, and come stocked with a horn section and a lot of collared shirts. Hamilton Leithauser is possessed of the best nonchalant-yet-totally-dialed-in bob-to-the-beat move this side of Tracy Morgan in that SNL sketch. The show opened with “We Can’t Be Beat,” the sweet coo of LP-guest Robin Pecknold substituted for a lot of drunken audience members wailing this new and totally accurate Walkmen credo. They’re what happens with hard work and inspiration. It is a good thing their moment is an extended one.

Those photos above are by wagz2it, the setlist is below:

“We Can’t Be Beat”
“Blue As Your Blood”
“In The New Year”
“Red Moon”
“Love Is Luck”
“The Love You Love”
“Angela Surf City”
“Hang On, Siobhan”
“The Blizzard of ’96”
“All Hands And The Cook”
“Woe Is Me”
“Line by Line”
“Thinking Of A Dream I Had”
“The Witch”
“The Blue Route”
“On The Water”
“What’s In It For Me”
“The Rat”
“We’ve Been Had”
“Canadian Girl”

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