New Pop Levi – “Never Never Love”

The English musician and filmmaker Mozambique Courier used to play bass in Ladytron, but is currently residing in Los Angeles, looking a bit like Devendra Banhart (sounding a bit like Mark Bolan), and going by Pop Levi. As a friend just pointed out, he’s given to sporting tight pants and is “possibly an eyeshadow wearer.” No doubt the man has some sort of anachronistically modern style, which you should be able to cull from “Never Never Love,” the percussive, skeletal disco-funk (or something) first single for the album of the same name. The record’s the follow up to 2007’s more tellingly titled The Return To Form Black Magick Party.

Pop Levi – “Never Never Love” (MP3)

He also made a semi-Zaireeka video for another Never Never track, “Semi Babe.” Open two windows and watch.

“Semi Babe,” Part 1

“Semi Babe,” Part 2

Never Never Love is out 9/2 on Counter. Hear more at his MySpace.

[Photo by LG White]

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