Holy Other – “Love Some1″

For the past year or so, the Manchester-based producer Holy Other has been building a dark, gauzy, drifting sound, the sort of thing where the melody always seems to hover just out of reach. His With U EP was one of our favorites of last year, and now he’s announced plans for his debut album. Held is coming out at the end of the summer, and the first track that we’ve heard from it is a gloomy, emotive ripple called “Love Some1.” Listen to it and check the album’s tracklist below.

01 “(W)here”
02 “Tense Past”
03 “Impouring”
04 “Love Some1″
05 “U Now”
06 “In Difference”
07 “Past Tension”
08 “Held”
09 “Nothing Here”
(via Pitchfork)

Held is out 8/28 on Tri Angle.

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