L$D (Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds, Tragik) – “DONT SMOKE MY BLUNT BITCH” Video

Here is a video that took under an hour to make, for a song that took under ten minutes to record, by a group of artists that may or may not have fomented this project via Twitter DM. It comes by way of Tragik’s Tumblr, which presented the debut of L$D, a new post-internet collabo project (“@KREAYSHAWN @Grimezsz @ladytragik @BLOOD_DIAMOND5″ is how they’re credited) serving as an illustration of the aesthetic and the insanely fast means of creation for the post-internet school. Also though, this song just sounds like it was written in ten minutes: “I be that grimy muthafucka” is your key lyric, though you should also have a grip on the phrase “Don’t smoke my blunt bitch” and “I’m the man, blah blah blah” if you want to sing along with some/nearly complete accuracy. En garde:

More of this is coming soon, probably, if Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds, and Tragik find themselves with an afternoon to kill.