Jack White’s 10 Weirdest Merch Items

Sure, Radiohead have come up with some cool merch in their day but they’ve got nothing on potential collaborator Jack White.

Think about it: How many times have you found yourself in dire need of a stylish balsa plane that represents your choice listening tastes — but you can only find a Plane Jane model flyer? The White Stripes frontman knows the feeling, and being the beneficent generator of pop-kitsch that he is, he’s got you covered. Where lesser artists fail to merchandize beyond T-shirts and beer koozies, White has taken pains to prove that you can brand anything. Endless collectible output has led to a rabid culture of collectors who eat this stuff up and — naturally — they have their own forum.

Whether it’s daily essentials like Raconteurs soap, cool variations on familiar vinyl records, or nesting dolls for your nightstand, an appropriate piece of merchandise exists for every one of us — especially if you’re vinyl-minded. Between the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, the Dead Weather, and his recent solo work, the world of Jack White merchandise is wide and weird. These are 10 of the weirdest. Dig in.