New Beach Fossils – “Time”

Brooklynite Dustin Payseur records dreamy, slightly fuzzed pop as Beach Fossils. Yeah, another “beach” band, but the word “fossils” rightly hints at nostalgia that goes deeper and more distant than a few summers past. (To give you a sense of his aesthetic before you listen, he has a full-length forthcoming via Woodsist/Captured Tracks, who are also putting together separate Beach Fossils 7″‘s.) As far as “Time,” think Galaxie 500 on a dark night and put to tape in the Twisted Village compound. Elsewhere — “Vacation,” “Daydream” — the guitars are sunnier, but happily his voice maintains its distance/dejection/flatness/whatever.

Beach Fossils – “Time” (MP3)
(Via P4K)

“Time” will show up on a Woodsist 7″. Look for a Captured Tracks 7″‘, too. Bringing it all together, a self-titled full-length comes out in March as a co-release between Captured Tracks and Woodsist. Explore at MySpace.