Vampire Weekend, Beirut, MGMT Are In Vogue

The current crop of indie rock pinups have had their sartorial sensibilities played with by the New York Times already — a couple of times! Fashion and buzz bands are highly bloggable bedfellows: the Gray Lady analyzed artists’ fashion sense last year, and dressed them up in a bunch of haute couture this past Coachella. Now it’s Vogue’s turn to let ‘em play with their look, as part of the fashion rag’s focus on major European high fashion houses rebranding, and turning over control to “emerging designers.” They are called “young lions,” these “emerging designers,” and to further illustrate the point of how young and innovative and cutting edge everything is getting, the labels’ new looks are modeled by a skinny woman (Sasha Pivovarova) who’s adorned by some recognizable props: Vampire Weekend, Beirut, MGMT, Golden Silvers, the Horrors, and Adam Green, amongst others. The bands aren’t wearing the label-duds themselves, but at the same time, they’re not not wearing the label-duds. You know? Point is, they don’t own the clothes they’re wearing here, except for maybe Ezra. That kid looks like he was born in a blazer. Anyway everybody looks great! Click to enlarge:







Head to ONTD! for style-ups of Chester French, Mika, and some more Horrors. This piece features in the January issue of U.S. Vogue. Joanna Newsom approves.