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On the Gummy-celebrated electro-acoustic beauty jj N° 2, the mysterious Swedish crew jacked the beat from Weezy’s “Lollipop” and dripped it in lacy, lazed vocals for a standout of their own called “Ecstasy.” This time they’ve flipped the hip-pop appropriation, sticking closely to the melody and lyrics on Akon’s “Troublemaker” and substituting his club beats for barely-there, bedroom affair guitars. And we all know this trick from wandering into the local coffeeshop open mic night, the sorta ironic, never clever singer-songwriter standby of taking an “urban” track and framing it as a sensitive solo ballad. But here it’s different, both because jj’s relationship to hip hop is more organic to their own pop (see: “Ecstasy”) and because your local latte lackeys don’t have a set of pipes this melancholic and therefore will never excavate the somewhat depressing sentiment buried in the originally celebratory boast “popping bottles with models and just watching them drink.”

(via P4K)

Akon doing it his way:

Three jj tracks, one video.

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