Baroness – “March To The Sea”

I didn’t go to the Meshuggah/Baroness/Decapitated show when it came through town — I’ve never been a huge Meshuggah guy, honestly — but my friend Aaron did, and as he recalls it, Baroness were not received well by those in attendance.

“There were a lot of shouts of ‘PLAY SOME FUCKING METAL,'” Aaron told me the next day. “Some random audience member screamed at the top of his lungs in between songs: ‘I DIDN’T COME BACK FROM AFGHANISTAN TO HEAR THIS SHIT!'”

I was not happy to receive this news — I was a big fan of the Georgia quartet’s first two LPs, 2007’s Red Album and 2009’s Blue Record, and it always bums me out when fans heckle bands for not being heavy enough — but now that I’ve heard the forthcoming Yellow & Green, I can’t help but wonder: What the hell did those guys at the Meshuggah show expect to begin with? The new material is an evolution, yes, but it’s hardly a Black Album-level jump into the mainstream. If anything, Baroness were already there.

“March To The Sea” is the album’s second single and it can be heard here. Polished? Sure, but it contains no ingredients that were not used in similar proportions on Red or Blue: galloping tribal drums, acrobatic guitar work worthy of Built To Spill, frontman John Dyer Baizely’s muscular bellow, some spacy, reverb-y stuff, a spiraling lead at the climax, and voila: another terrific track from one of the best hard rock (if not heavy metal) bands in America.

And if you missed it, here’s the album’s fantastic first single, “Take My Bones Away.”

Yellow & Green is out 7/17 on Relapse.

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