New Woodsman Video – “Sunglass”

Psychedelic Denver instrumental quartet Woodsman remind me more of the Glenn Jones-led Fahey-meets-Can Boston crew Cul de Sac than, say, Tortoise (or other post-rockers folks are bound to mention). Both of the elder groups have true technique and flow, but ever since Cul de Sac’s ’91 debut ECIM, their music’s struck me as more emotionally resonant and steeped in both an esoteric intellectualism and appealing naturalism. It comes down to a hard-to-place sensibility, yes, but for whatever reason(s) Woodsman tap the same part of my eardrum. They just released a full-length Collages on Mexican Summer. It ends with the 19-minute “Mothershift.” And, oddly enough, they have a song called “Dikembe Mutombo.” For now, though, get acquainted via “Sunglass” and its soft-focused Trevor Peterson-directed video. You wouldn’t be wrong to sniff-out a bit of a Dead vibe.

Collages is out via Mexican Summer. You can hear what “Dikembe Mutombo” sounds like at the label’s site.

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