Stream JEFF The Brotherhood Hypnotic Knights EP

Whenever people say to me, “Man, I miss ‘Blue Album’-era Weezer,” I reply, “Then why the hell aren’t you listening to JEFF The Brotherhood already? Wake up!” Do people say that to me on a frequent basis? No, honestly, I can’t remember the last time, but the advice stands. The music made by Nashville brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall is so fuzzy, fun, and catchy, why the hell aren’t you listening to it? Unless you are, in which case, good on ya. Either way, you should check out their new EP, Hypnotic Knights, a teaser for their forthcoming Hypnotic Nights LP, due out 7/17 — just in time for scorching summer weekends and drives to the beach. As they sing on “Sixpack,” the EP’s opening track: “Let’s load the car up/I got a bag of ice/I got a six-pack/and I don’t want to go back.” You said it, fellas. Stream the EP:

Hypnotic Nights will be released 7/17 via Infinity Cat.