Preview Dirty Projectors Hi Custodian Film

So far Swing Lo Magellan has seen Dave Longstreth offer up songwriterly fare like “Gun Has No Trigger” and “Dance For You,” though the real left turn is this: Longstreth as film director. Hi Custodian is a film of indeterminate length, directed by Longstreth and executive produced by, starring the band and featuring music from their new album. The only narrative details available are the ones you’ll have to glean or surmise from the trailer, which features Haley and Amber as patty-caking green-filtered cheerleaders, singing one minute of the previously unheard Magellan cut “Just From Chevron.” Watch below, theorize about the film’s thesis thereafter.

UPDATE: The director clarified some points for us via email from the Fallon dressing room: Haley and Amber are not cheerleaders, they are girls from the Midlands — they are “the Midland girls” (as evidenced by their earrings), playing handgames, not pattycake per se.
As for the rest of the band, “i play a yokai in the film. nat plays a newborn child.” Summer blockbuster status? View below:

Swing Lo Magellan is out 7/10 in the U.S. and 7/9 internationally via Domino.

You may recognize the Hi Custodian visual aesthetic from the director’s previous work…