Dent May Covers The Grateful Dead

Back when Dead shows were a thing, the main drag of the parking lot where kind veggie burritos, ganja gooballs, and sundry wares of that ilk were at their highest concentration was called “Shakedown Street.” This was also the name of a song (and album) from the Dead’s blurry cocaine-and-disco era. Today, the track’s in the hands of Oxford, MS ambassador Dent May, who turns in a faithful rendition with a synth sound where Jerry’s iconic auto-wah lick would be. Also, this is a terrific opportunity to call May “Grateful Dent,” so that just happened. Here’s the MP3:

Dent May – “Shakedown Street” (Grateful Dead Cover)
(via GvsB)

Dent May’s Do Things is out now via Paw Tracks.