Sun Kil Moon – “Black Kite” Video

Mark Kozelek’s music has mutated pretty significantly over the arc of his now-20-year-old career, but the visual aesthetic associated with his music has remained remarkably consistent, even single-minded. Seriously, look at all his album covers lined up against one another — you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking they all came from the same photographer, if not the same roll of film! (Or the same Instagram library, whatever.) That aesthetic — soft-focused, near-sepia B&W images of empty structures or barren landscapes — was applied, to some degree, to the 2011 Koz documentary, On Tour, but it’s taken to an unusual extreme in the clip for “Black Kite,” from Sun Kil Moon’s superb Among The Leaves. Bleak as hell and totally beautiful just the same. Kinda makes you wonder about the man’s inner life — if, y’know, the songs didn’t spell that shit out in explicit detail. Watch it.

Among The Leaves is out now on Caldo Verde.