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Band To Watch: Rooftop Vigilantes

We get a lot of emails, many of them from publicists. It’s fun when you receive an email straight from a band, when they include a rickety link to an MP3 that doesn’t work, but you make the trek to their MySpace anyhow, take a listen, and discover they kick ass. This doesn’t happen often, but it did with Rooftop Vigilantes a ramshackle rock trio from Lawrence, Kansas. We don’t know much about them. Which is refreshing. Influences: “the baltimore ravens, hamm’s, and cellular telephones.” Sounds Like: “the texas rangers, only with more teeth.” We think they can sound like the Promise Ring but with the energy of Small Brown Bike (the excellent “Charley No Want Girlfriend”) or maybe a drunken Fugazi in certain cadences (“Charley Want Mario Chalmers”), but usually we just hear loud, sloppy summertime rock with a sense of humor (see: “Track Need Be Hidden” and all this Charley business). To see what we mean, take a listen to the infectious, organ-drenched “Oscar Want 7 Inch.”

Rooftop Vigilantes – “Oscar Want Inch” (MP3)

The group includes Zach Campbell who recently worked as Blood On The Wall’s touring drummer and plays with BOTW’s Brad Shanks in Bandit Teeth (where there’s some guy named Charley, btw) and Oscar/Allen Guinn of the awesome Boo And Boo Too. He obviously wants a 7″. And there are obviously a lot of good bands in Lawrence.

Hear other tracks at their MySpace. The band tells us to expect a 3-song 7″ on Blue Sea in August/September. It’ll be the band’s official debut as well as the first release for Vigilante Seth M. Wiese’s Blue Sea label. Woodenman’s putting out a full-length in the winter/spring. There’s a delay and vague release date because Oscar’s currently on tour with Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk and the Vigilantes “need to spend some time writing and recording.” We’re looking forward to all of this.